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right. hunger strikers a guantanamo bay prison are allegedly pressured to and their weeks long protests while the u.s. military failed to address the situation that increasingly threatens to turn deadly . british intelligence chiefs warned the u.k. could face terrorist attacks by u.k. citizens that have been aiding rebels forces in syria as the government calls for the right to send arms to the opposition. and a russian so use rocket carrying a crew of three successfully docks with the international space station following a record breaking flight of just six hours we've got a live report from russia's mission control center.
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it is eight am in the russian capital you're watching r t with me marina joshie welcome to the program the hunger strikers eglantine of a bay are accusing authorities there of pressuring them to and their protests by denying them drinking water and keeping their cells at frigid temperatures at least eleven inmates protesting mistreatment and definite attention are being force fed a practice their lawyers say as highly controversial at the same time no movement and the weeks long straw a has been seen at a high level with the pentagon completely ignoring the situation at its latest briefing or his ganesh account was there for us. not a word from defense secretary chuck hagel on the situation in guantanamo i was at a news conference with the defense secretary this thursday at the pentagon he never to my question i frankly don't know why i was right there in front of him raising
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my hand as everyone else as you know half of the men in guantanamo have been cleared for release many of them years ago yet they're still there locked up stuck in this limbo desperate and i was going to ask when they will let these men go and whether it would make any difference if somebody died in this ongoing hunger strike again i never got the chance to ask that question the pentagon has just requested almost two hundred million dollars to renovate the guantanamo prison that kind of investment may suggest that they're not planning to shutting down anytime soon at the beginning of the year the state department closed the office that was in charge of closing the prison i went to a state department briefing earlier this week again never got a chance to ask a question it's either they watch our t.v. or the media person they're just didn't take questions from anyone who is not attending to the briefings on a daily basis which i don't one way or another question is remained an answer there the only person who's been responding to our inquiries about the situation with the detainees was robert during the spokesman for guantanamo but the only comments he
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can offer are about the health of the detainee which is apparently deteriorating and also the latest numbers as far as how many detainees are on strike at the moment the latest we have from him is thirty one person but that's it there's complete silence on the most important questions about the future of the prison what's going to happen to these people president obama spokesperson said the president's team is closely monitoring the hunger strikers guantanamo bay and i can tell you that the administration remains committed to closing the detention facility at guantanamo bay but at the same time offering no specifics as to when and how and how are they going to do that if the pentagon is requesting millions of dollars to renovate it after a week's the hunger strike has been taking place r.t.d. has been badgering not only the authorities in the u.s. but also international human rights groups and the detainees attorneys for full counts of the situation for all the information we've gathered had to our special
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timeline section on our t.v. dot com. now british intelligence chiefs are warning that u.k. muslims fighting in syria could soon return and carry out terrorist attacks and britain helme office says hundreds of europeans who are fighting alongside syrian rebels are gaining spurious from groups like al qaida the warning comes as the british government pushes for the right to supply the syrian opposition with weapons r.t. sara for of takes a closer look at the growing terrorist threat. this is the first annual report on the counterterrorism strategy and in it they highlighted the growing security threat from syria where al qaeda affiliates were tracking hundreds of fighters from europe now let's take a look at some of what the report says and they said as on when u.k. residents for ten there's a risk that they may carry out attacks using skills that they've developed a deceived these are concerns that are only being highlighted by the british
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government but also being highlighted by other european members as well recently we saw the dutch heighten their security threat level they said that they thought they had around one hundred foreign fighters that had gone to syria and these are also concerns that i think you've been echoed by france as well so certainly not just a problem concerning for if in the one obviously that we've seen highlighted in this counterterrorism strategy for forth and certainly i think a lot of concern amongst the british authorities with seeing these young british people fighting in the war zone now i'm joined by freelancer in journalist monica thanks very much for joining us we were speaking about this subject a couple of weeks before the report was released and obviously this is something that is already going on in the know you've spoken to the friends of the young british man he was actually the first confirmed british fighter he died over in
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syria can you tell us a bit about that well you know. it was only twenty one when he died in syria and already he was a version of the libyan libyan war against can gadhafi. despite his young age and the despite the fact that he studied in the u.k. he lived a nuclear all his life is very much. to the friends that i've spoken to is very much the very british in many ways as a london boy despite that i think you found. in syria very attractive fish authorities are very concerned he says. highlighted in this count terrorism report how worried should they be how much of a threat he thinks is to britain well i think the report said there were probably around one hundred fighters i think the real numbers probably higher would be most concerning for the british security services of british muslims of asian descent of the pakistani of bangladesh or india who might go to places like syria because they're the ones in the past ten years or so who've been involved in the most
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dangerous terrorist threats in the u.k. thank you very much for joining us and he described the tsunami i don't think anyone could have had any idea of just how complex and how far reaching implications of what is happening in syria right now we have the u.n. envoy to syria speaking today calling for the desperately urgent need for all sides to come together once again trying to find a resolution to the conflict well labor m.p. for a birmingham how to mahmoud says the u.k. saw a similar terror threats before the conflict in syria i'm glad this is now on the agenda on their horizons because once you put people out there. they get that sort of training they get the ability to use the weapons that are available to them when they come back here want to start to feel discontented and disquiet about particular issues they resort to that and that's happened before we know top and certainly in afghanistan in iraq and we want to learn those lessons i know the
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group to just come back this this week gone on talk for supporting. the communities out there and once you go out for a day then you get dragged into other issues and you start to look at resistance and you start supporting the resistance and working with resistance people. a two years of ruthless conflict has completely transformed the image of syria at r.t. dot com you'll find some striking photos from the city of the raw data the city of the dead so log on to take a look. cypriots have been queuing to take their cash as a country's banks reopen after a nearly two week long standstill strict limits have been imposed including a cap on daily withdrawals of three hundred euros per person restrictions which cyprus says will last for a month but you haven't been a word felt editor in chief of the trans magazine things are likely to stay for
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much longer we've walked away from the bail out scenario to the bill in scenario and door in there you go first of all to the shareholders of the banks and then the insured deposit holders and it's first tried out and i know here in cyprus you also have installed capital control mechanisms which are indeed totally new in this situation they are contradictory to the very principles of monetary union and when they last only for a few weeks well we'll have to wait and see what happened then if they last longer and really the chances are much larger that there will have to be kept intact over a much longer period than a few weeks then the ballgame changes then we have a new situation and we will have just a wait how markets how bombed all the deposits all those are we investors react to the fact that one tree becomes an isolated country within the euro zone in fact
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creating two separate euros. now lawrence freeman an analyst for executive intelligence review magazine says it's surely for brussels to pop the champagne corks because the banks will continue to cause turbulence across the eurozone. i don't think cyprus has been saved and i think the people in cyprus believe that with which you have right now is the beginning of the end of the euro system the euro house is burning and it cannot be saved because of what people see and what the european leadership aides say is that this is the template for the rest of europe so when the banking system is failing which it will continue to fail they now are going to take money from the people and they're going to take that the passes are essentially stealing money from the people. and while the e.u. decision makers are so far failing to stay on the contagion disappointed students
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all across europe to tackle the problem were reporting that later this hour. plus the power of radical hamas gains momentum in the west bank as more and more palestinians accuse their government of failing to resolve the political deadlock with israel that more just ahead for you here on our team. wealthy british style sign some time to. market. what's really happening to the global economy with mike stronger for
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a no holds barred look at the global financial headlines two kinds of report. is trying to get rid of. a treasure. it's worth fighting for. and the trap was no way.
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welcome back you're watching r.t. coming to you live from the russian capital that web users online communications may be about to get a wider and possibly unwanted audience they have the eyes seeking more powers to spy on people's emails and internet chats real time the proposals have already been met with criticism or a complete breach of privacy as artie's marine fortnight outs planes. an estimated six hundred million people use skype to chat with family friends and colleagues i'm using the video ip service to talk to you right now and this year a top priority for the f.b.i. is to gain the power to be able to monitor internet chats e-mails and basically all on line correspondence as it is taking place washington is working on legislation that would force email cloud services and chop providers like skype to install in surveillance equipment within their networks that equipment would give the u.s.
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intelligence community the ability to monitor online correspondence in real time basically the same way that the f.b.i. could listen in on phone conversations with court approval under love coca leaves the phone companies were required by law to implement technology that allows this way. when you're looking at something like skype or some of the other networks those laws do not apply to these places and the f.b.i. saying we need to change that law because when we go to a company sometimes we get close ration and technical assistance sometimes we don't and that's just not enough courtesy of the electronic communications privacy act the f.b.i. can already out says archives of e-mails tweets and transcripts but clearly that's not enough for the agency to keep tabs on what criminals would be terrorists and dissidents are saying online the problem is where we are today so the way that we
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communicate is really not limited to telephone companies and sort of the old fashioned you know picking the found in calling someone you have i mean g. mail google voice dropbox according to google's latest transparency report the united states is the world leader when it comes to requesting user data on its own citizens f.b.i. general counsel andrew weissman says the agency is working to expand its internet spy powers by the end of the year and by then a skype chat between two people may include a bigger audience reporting from new york. our team. now line for you it's on guard for russian troops as the country's military rolls out scores of warships hundreds of armored vehicles and sauza of soldiers or a sudden massive navy drill details am war food it's better to dot com.
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also they're not so official take on the daily news and world affairs at our website cartoon section so hand there for some my catching illustrations. now israel has reopened gaza border crossings after being closed following rocket attacks from the palestinian territory last week during president obama's visit to tel aviv our disposal era looks at how a lack of high profile dialogue is causing even toward the sand in the rest of region. anger on the streets of ramallah against a palestinian government people here say is too weak inactive to bring peace after
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years of negotiations between the two sides campaign protest as israeli settlements have only expanded and the occupation deepened. in the palestinian authority is part of the problem and not the solution present a bass is a servant of the israeli occupation israel wants from the palestinian authority two things the security agent and a financial agent so it can control the palestinian people the palestinian authority does this for jamal juma organizes regular demonstrations against the palestinian authority he says if there was one thing that would change his opinion it would be if he saw a real progress from palestinian israeli dialogue but the two sides haven't sat down together since september two thousand and ten many moderate palestinians are losing faith and looking across the border for inspiration the more the palestinians this pair of pants the more hamas will again if they don't believe in with. hamas is achieved
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with violence. what does not achieve. but is that president abbas says he won't talk of tel aviv and this is a freeze on israeli settlement construction something prime minister netanyahu won't agree on especially now in lieu of his new right wing coalition government the army by refusing to talk with the p.a. netanyahu is hoping squinting israel's archenemy have asked what has that inthe and the position of hamas and all opposition in palestine is the failure to forstall. remember that twenty years have passed almost to the source of the agreement was signed what is the outcome more settlements more segregation apartheid ward shake mahmoud abu tir once cut and the only figure. he was among a minority of west bank palestinians who supported him as he spent seven years in an israeli prison he says because he won a seat in the palestinian government on hamas ticket he blames the p.a.
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as much as israel. we hamas have roots in historical depth we are more strong in the west bank than in gaza since the elections of two thousand and six in spite of all the arresting and all the harm that our youth suffers in the palestinian authority prison people are convinced of our way our truth we worked and we are working for the people we are helping them and because of that they arrest us. but chip is not worried about being arrested again despite his intention to stand again for a palestinian parliamentary elections due to be held later this year he says he doesn't even have to come pain he merely has to sit and wait while tel aviv promotes his cause although no date has been saved for the next palestinian elections people here are starting to think about who to vote for and while the must will never be as popular in the west bank as it is in gaza it's certainly giving the other political candidates a run for their money paula c r t ramallah. and i will take
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a look at some other stories from around the world the funeral procession for a radio activist who was killed in clashes with police has been dispersed by security forces authorities use tear gas and stun grenades against mourners according to reports manny were injured during the crackdown the gulf water he has been accused of using excessive force against protesters seeking more rights and freedoms since uprisings began in two thousand and eleven. and that chile student demonstration turned violent when thousands of protesters clashed with police around sixty people were arrested and one police officer was injured this was the first walkout in two thousand and thirteen by chilean students who have been demanding free high quality education from the government since twenty eleven . the u.n. security council has unanimously approved to sand its first ever offensive
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intervention brigade to the democratic republic of congo to help the country militants according to the resolution the squad will be added to the current peacekeeping mission and is tasked with neutralizing the rebels the government of the republic has farts the congolese revolutionary army known as m twenty three says twenty twelve when it took over some of the country's key cities. now russian so. as rockets has successfully docked with the international space station after a record breaking journey it took the crew of three just six hours to get to the ice s. what cosmic cut compare it to the usual two day flight r.t. sean thomas joins us now live from russia's mission control center with more details for us good morning here shot so quite an impressive shortcut there how is this even possible well certainly and just to put it into perspective in kazakhstan baikonur the soyuz t.m.a. zero eight m.
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craft launched at just about forty three minutes past midnight and then it connected with the international space station at six twenty eight moscow time making that flight less than six hours as you mentioned this usually takes. two days for the capsule to launch and then run dave moving on the same space trajectory if you will but what this was is this is the first time in the series capsule has used this new fast track method that was developed by the russian space agency now there have been one hundred seventeen that launches a total of three spacecraft but again this is the first time this new launch process which cuts the time significantly from two days to six hours so that there can be a quicker transition time to that space station so an historic flight happening today. in the skies above us if you will or absolutely shine as you were just telling us this story and record breaking achievement there we're looking at some
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live shots actually watching the space crew there and now the question after they've docked the question is what's next for them what are they going to be doing there for the time that they have to spend there in orbit. well certainly the international space station lots of scientific missions and experiments that they have to achieve the crew of three that have just come with the soyuz capsule will be making the crew of the international space station a full six man crew in fact it will begin the expedition number thirty five this particular crew is consisting of pawel vinod out of it this is his third trip in space he's the commander of the soyuz capsule the rookie of the flight alexander it's his first flight and then christopher cassidy who's not only an experienced space shuttle astronaut he's also a navy seal as well this is his second flight in space so they will spend six months in space conducting experiments doing what they need to do observing as
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astronomical events as well one thing that's important and i thought i would put this into perspective again on this historic flight to the space station from earth to the actual space station itself the time it took less than it takes to get from new moscow to new york on the transatlantic flight so historic flight historic mission ahead of them and they'll be there for about six months and then come back home to earth and of course we'll be here covering that for you as well well what i just said my promote space tourism as you said that it takes less then. to get to new york from moscow all right john thanks very much indeed for the subject indeed incredible achievement there sean thomas reporting from space control the moscow region and also sean has been watching closely the saw his mission from the blast off to the docking at instantly posting updates on twitter so you can catch all the details following him at shawn thomas underscore r t. now and
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made widespread disappointments in dad's ridden europe and new movements is becoming more and more popular and it's challenge to brussels handling of e.u. woes students from all over the continent are teaming up to express their ideas on how europe should shape up r.g.p. or all of our reports. europe it's got food it's got culture it's certainly got history but it also has an increasing number of young people feel that their future is being sold from underneath. this group of students for liberty is seeing its membership swelled by young people dissatisfied with the status quo they believe in a hard line of capitalism and their ranks are growing and growing and growing this weekend we have four hundred students here from forty five forty four countries i never thought it was possible it is very exciting to see this growth all over europe and the demand is huge for these ideas so i'm very optimistic for the future
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there conferences are organized by young people for young people they aren't financially backed by any political party and everyone who made their way here did so out of their own pockets they haven't got an overnight fix for europe's woes but they say it's time for a new approaches i think it's quite a dangerous situation because that means that you have politicians and bureaucrats ruling over nearly five hundred million people and so on not necessarily do they know always what the best things are for us the changes they want to see include more freedom to do business less interference from bureaucrats and the d. centralization of power away from brussels today's europe the most important problem with it is the overextension of the unit. they were designed to to maintain peace have a free market to make sure people could move freely around europe and have started
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like building a new nation or trying to build a new nation as the next generation they want to contribute to europe's future something they believe they're being denied at the moment and i think it's a expression of the fact that people young people in europe feel stripped of their own power. you know their own right. i mean we have fifty percent unemployment among young people in spain how can you feel empowered when you can't get a job and it's the feeling of being left behind that pushes this group of young people to look for a way to change their situation. r.t. live in belgium well and had it's breaking the sad with abby martin stay with us.
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